• Complete Remodels

    If you plan to start renovating your home, you are sure to need the expertise of capable plumbers. With an experienced team, you can easily realize any ideas you may have in mind. Serving clients in Minneapolis & St. Paul metro area, our company is ready to offer you modern solutions to fit your needs.​

    We offer complete bathroom & kitchen plumbing remodeling services to our clients. Ensuring your satisfaction is our highest priority. We answer to and work directly with the owner and not a general contractor so you are always part of the decision making process. We use high-quality materials and workmanship is at or above industry standards.​

    Don't know where to start? Layout-Design-Quotes-Constructions. We can refer you to one of our independent trusted partners who can get you quotes put together on other parts of your projects. From a design architect, remodeling contractor, staging consultant and plumbing fixture showrooms we can help get your project moving.

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