• Custom Showers and Tile Surrounds

    Looking to get away from the run of the mill prefabricated shower & bathtub systems and add your own style to your bath? Custom tiled showers and surrounds can do just that. A tiled bathroom offers countless design options and greater longevity.

    Attention to detail on protecting the structure is essential. We always perform flood test of the shower pan even if your city does not require it. Some leaks from improper installation may not show up for a number of years down the road but these small leaks can be responsible for many issues like allergies due to mold, unexplained gnat and ant problems, musty smells, slow buckling of bathroom floor, staining of ceiling in room below​.​​

    From the beginning stages of the installation to the final product, we provide attention to every detail. Providing you with a quality product per your specifications is what we deliver. You get quality craftsmanship that’s reflected not only in what is visual but also in what you don't see as well.​

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