We could go into a whole page, multi paragraph read describing the reasons for water issues and this and that but we won't, you can visit the EPA's website for that. You're here either because your equipment failed or you are having water quality issues. Since we specialize only in homes on city water your municipal water treatment plant has done some of the treatment for you so in most cases you don't need the more complex systems some pivate well owners need. You either want to remove the hard water minerals (soft water), remove municipal disinfectants (whole house filter) such as chlorine and chloamines (product from adding ammonia to chlorine) for better tasting and smelling water or both.

  • Water Conditioning Products

    High Effincency Water Softener

    by Pentair

    This is our tried and true workhorse.

    To come up with the most efficient unit for your needs we get information such as number of people, total bedrooms and baths, city hardness level and your usage requirements (e.g. above average laundry loads, use frequency of large whirpool or soaker tubs). These figures is what determines the size (proper grain capacity and flow rate needed).



    ***Custom assembled locally in St. Louis Park for optimal efficiency to your homes personal usage and municipalities raw water hardness level. This cuts down the unnecessary water usage to backwash the tank when it is not needed.

    ***Repair parts available locally.

    ***Highest backwash flow rate in the industry which provides for more effective expansion of the bed so that the resin may regenerate more completely and reduce channeling which prevents premature fouling out of softener resin.

    ***Softener uses soft water to fill the brine tank instead of hard water which helps prevent salt from compacting together.

    ***Brine tank includes an elevated grid which keeps the salt off the bottom of the tank to create a clean reservoir. No need to be breaking up salt bridges with a stick.

    ***High quality residential resin so you get the max life.

    ***Advanced meter usage controlled so only backwashes once the soft water is close to being used up.

    ***5 year warranty on control valve, 10 year warranty on pressure vessel/resin tank.

    Backwashable Whole House

    ​Carbon Filter by Pentair

    These systems are simular to a water softener as they backwash periodically to remove collected contaminants. The control valve is connected to a drain and the water with the rejected contaminants are discharged during this process. Backwashing is programmed to occur in the middle of the night when you are not likely to be using any water. Carbon media life depends on harshness of city water.​​


    ***Custom assembled locally in St. Louis Park to the size needed for your usage.

    ***Repair parts available locally.

    ***High flow rates

    ***5 year warranty on control valve, 10 year warranty on pressure vessel/resin tank. ​

    ***Centaur Activated Carbon-powerful carbon media ideal for removing bad tastes, odors, hydrogen sulfide, rotten egg smell, chlorine, VOC's and chloramines from the water.

    Sediment Filters

    ​featuring Big Blue by Pentair

    These Sediment filters are the real deal. Sized right to miniumize filter eplacement frequency and get the most life out of your filter cartridge.

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